Intertexts? Hitchcock’s “Into Thin Air” (1955) and Nabokov’s “Lolita” (1955)

Those of you who stayed to watch “Into Thin Air” must have noted the emphasis placed on the number of the hotel room from which the mother disappears (342). If you’ve read Nabokov’s Lolita, published (in France) the same year as Hitchcock’s episode, you might remember the importance of the same number in that novel. # 342 is the hotel room in which Humbert Humbert first rapes Dolores in the Enchanted Hunters hotel; it is also the street number of their home on Lawn Street; finally, on their road trip, they stay in 342 hotels. Considering Dolores also “vanishes” in Nabokov’s novel, could there be a link between the episode and the novel? Seems unlikely–though Nabokov liked watching TV; in any case, even if it’s not a direct allusion, it’s an intriguing intertextual reference (see the course glossary….)


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