Clarification re: Report # 2

Just to clarify what I mean by “translation”: I mean that you find a passage from the novel (between 1.5-2pages long) and re-write it in the style and voice of one of the novel’s other narrators. I will provide an example or two in class on Monday.

In the meantime, please read Thinks… attentively. That is, don’t simply read it for the plot: pay particular attention to how David Lodge is using his various narrators, both as individual voices and as voices working together to produce the plot. Highlight verbal tics, or strategies, or patterns in the various narrators’ narration. Ask yourself what features of Ralph’s narration differentiate it from that of Helen and the other narrators (I don’t mean simply what he is saying but how: are his sentences differently formed? how is his vocabulary different? and suchlike).

And enjoy it. It’s got some moments of real funniness.


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