Films and videos that play with time’s arrow

Various forms of backwards narration:

The French films 5 X 2 and Irreversible (viewers of the second title be warned: it’s very disturbing), as well as Memento and, to a degree, Blue Valentine.

The music videos for Coldplay’s “The Scientist” and The Pharcyde’s “Drop” (the latter is especially impressive).

Then there’s this!

And finally, this low-budget gem, similar to the previous, but which to me gives the closest visual approximation to what the narrator in Time’s Arrow moves through the world. There’s something about the look on this woman’s face that gets at the fact that for the narrator of Amis’s novel, moving forward in a backwards world is not a simple, neutral reversal: there’s something almost sinister about it (interestingly, “sinister” comes from the word for “left,” the opposite of “right”).


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