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Not much of a post, I’ll admit, but this title of this article on struck me as relevant to our course. Margaret Evans, the author of the article, is participating in what seems to me to be a growing recognition, in the media and in academia, of just how much narrative plays into our sense of reality and our dealings with information. There is, of course, no way to avoid completely the sense that conflicts are between right/wrong or good/evil, or that knowledge involves truth/untruth; but to emphasize the role that narrative plays in conflicts (whether they are in contemporary Egypt or in the halls of the English Department, or among competing sides of the subway-vs-light-rail controversy in Toronto, or among competing sides of the evolution-creation debate)–to emphasize the role that competing narratives play in conflicts is, at least potentially, to move beyond the entrenched notion of wrong/right, right? Let’s hope.


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