Frankenstein’s unending cinematic appeal

After having undergone watching Splice, the Canadian-French film updating Frankenstein for the age of genetic engineering (and more or less cool special effects), I’ve come across this article about film projects currently in the works. Looks like Frankenstein and its derivatives continue to fascinate, nearly two hundred years later.

I can think of very few other novels that have had such an enduring impact on future literature and film, or a story that has been better at fertilizing the mind of other novelists and film-makers. H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau is not strictly speaking an adaptation of Frankenstein, but it is obviously a descendant of Shelley’s novel, dealing with the same issues of scientific hubris, over-reaching, the attempt to re-shape living tissues and the creatures of such experiments run amok. Even the ongoing debate about genetically engineered foods is largely coloured by Shelley’s tale.


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