Lecture location and other IMPORTANT course info

Remember that next class is in the Media Commons Theatre, NEXT Wednesday (August 7).

For those who’d like to talk to Tom about the now returned Report # 2, he’ll be holding office hours next Tuesday (Aug. 6) from 11:00 – 1:00 in Rm 711.

Also, I’ve also posted an updated and final version of the Glossary of Technical Terms, which is the only required reading other than the books and stories listed on the “Books and Schedule” page on this blog.

As of this morning, the grades for Reports 1 and 2, as well as your top ten quiz grades, have been posted in the Grade Centre (assuming, that is, you haven’t had an extension on Report#2). Note that the grades are expressed a bit oddly. The grades for the reports are each out of 18.5, and the grade for the quizzes is out of 5; in order words, you can combine your three grades to see what you have so far out of 42% of the course grade. The Final Report (25%) and the final exam (33%) will account for the remaining 58%.


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